Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Pub

The guys frequented a pub down the road from their shop.  It was one of the more popular pubs in the area.  Since industry had become such a staple there were more and more middle class workers to spend their money on drink and it had created a large party scene.

Sean was already a drink deep when the other two arrived.  Jack and Dave saddled up next to him at the bar; Dave motioned for a drink from the keep but apparently the keep didn't notice.

"Some cuties here tonight."  Sean said.

Dave turned his head around to look.

"What are you doing Dave!  Remain calm.  Don't look around."

"I was just looking for the cuties."  Dave didn't see the big deal.

Sean looked up from his drink, "If they see you looking around then they will know you are desperate."

Dave was still looking around the bar, "None of them are looking at me.  How will they notice if they aren't looking at me?"

"Women are more perceptive than you think.  They notice all of your movements."

Jack got the keeps attention and ordered a round.  "You're not reading one of those stupid new training manuals on 'How to Attract Women' are you Sean?"

"Maybe I am."  Sean took a sip of his whiskey.  "It worked last night."

"Yes, we know, you got laid last night."  Jack raised his drink in a mock toast to Sean.

Jack looked at Dave.

"Big race tomorrow!"  Said Dave.

"Yeah, the only one we get to do at home this year.  Good thing we don't have to travel."  Said Sean as he took down his drink and moved onto the one Jack had bought him.

"Still got to be up bright an early.  I think I'll head home after this one."  Jack said.

"Me too."  Said Dave.

They both looked at Sean who was looking across the room at a group of girls that were standing by a table dancing.  There was a long silence from the guys as they watched Sean stare at the girls.

"I thought we weren't doing that."  Said Dave.

Sean looked at him, "Yeah well I was just sizing them up.  I'm going to go over there while you boys hold hands."

They watched Sean as he grabbed his drink and lumbered over to the girls.  He smiled and said something to one of them.  The girl promptly slapped him.

Sean stood their dazed as the girl moved away from him.  He then turned and lumbered back to the bar.  His friends said nothing as they sipped their whiskey.

Jack finished his drink.  "Well I'm turning in.  See you boys bright and early,"

"I'm turning in to."  Said Dave.

Sean kept his head down, moaned something and waved at them.

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