Friday, February 1, 2013


"Start her up, will ya?"

Jack pushed in the clutch and revved the engine.  Dave waved at him to shut it off.

"Good!  Good."  Dave said and he ran behind to check Sean.

"Start her up, Sean!"

The crew was about to drive their one local race of the year.  The track was a loop all the way around Manchester.  It was a very plain race around the smoke stacked city; just a circle loop.

The terrain was flat except for one hill - Kersal Moor.  A flat and straight race means the fastest car will usually win.  This was fine news for Jack and Sean.  They made fast cars.  But there were some other fast cars at the race too.  There was a French team at the race and any French team had fast cars.  The French were the premier race car drivers and they were very proud with that title.  Spanish racers were also very talented and their cars were just as fast.  These two States sponsered the fastest cars out there.

There were a few reasons why the hub of racing centered around the South of Europe:  the climate was great for racing and the fanfare was best.  Not only did the men love to watch the cars but the women loved to watch too, but mostly for the drivers.  The drivers were rock stars.  They were the new bull fighters and troubadours.

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